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One to one guidance towards Self realization & being a Master Creator

Key areas of guidence

Non dual &  Master Creator guidence

Two seemingly seperate areas that are ultimately linked together. Many now feel an intuitive call to take on a more active role in this unbelievable play we find ourselves in and co-creators of. Actions performed in the relative, guided from Infinite Being, are not at the cost of the Absolute – or True Self – they are in Service of it.

Self realization guidence

When talking about Absolute reality, no words can describe exactly what it is, since it is infinite – i.e. not finite – and therefore any definition would automatically put a limit to it. So, the best we can do is to point towards the Absolute, which can never be understood, but can be – and is – Known Directly.

By the same token, it is worth knowing that Self realization is not something that is attained in time, by applying some spiritual practice or other methodology. It is already what you are – and you cannot be anything other than that.

However, although ultimately true that there is nothing to ‘do’, in that sense, its usually not helpful to have that attitude in an initial stage of wanting to see clearly what we are.

The overlooking of ones True Nature has become a ingrained habit and as long as there is identification with the limited self – or belief in the idea of what we are – we seeing the filter and not seeing clearly what we actually are.

In many ways, realizing our True Self is step one. A beautiful and life changing discovery of what was always the case – the direct clear seeing of our True Self as the infinite attributless being in which all life dances as individual unique expressions of the Self.

Self realization is often followed by a period of a seeming “going in-and-out” of our True Being. Therefore, we can face a new set of challenges and invitations into personhood as we seek to stabilize and integrate our True Self into our life experience.

One-to-one conversations with individuals are in general much more effective and quicker for Self realization and deepening of integration, rather than any type of group setting, as the individual focus often is easily lost in the group dynamic.

Master Creator guidence

What is Creation? What is the human role, if any, in Creation? Are we, via this particular body-instrument, godlike creator beings?

Is this human body-mind something that could be utilized with guidence from the Infinite Being to create a more balanced and harmonious template of experience in this realm of existence – not just for the individual, but for all life here?

The vast majority of the human population are followers. They blindly follow the dominating consciousness perspective of the world as it is presented to them via the control grid; school, main stream media, movies, music, tv, parents, friends and “other deeper unseen forces”.

We are all knowingly or un-knowingly co-creators of experienced reality. The result? It’s the world we can observe around us. The experienced realm of this matrix.

It doesn’t take much consideration to see the strange and horrid place this particular dream world is when looking at the overall big picture of the violent and enslaved life experience for the majority of life forms in this realm currently and historically.

So far, the idea of Creation and its ontological dynamics has been deeply misguided with an drive from a small clique for an ever increase in control and enslavement of humanity and destruction of Nature. The notion of “manifestation” have been a lack / fear-based driven pursuit for individual material gain and pleasure mainly.

Inspired and guided by the True Infinite Self, we can put these current body-minds to good use and co-create an reality in this realm that is based on joy, ease, abundance and love for all life.

A Self-aware humanity living and creating in harmony and balance with Nature – both visible and invisible.

About Jakob

A deep sense of inner knowing and intuitive guidence has always been with Jakob, even since early childhood. Self realization took place in 2011 and he has since deepened and integrated this into the current embodiment.

From a place of Effortless Being and direct Clear Seeing, Jakob offers individualized  guidence for those seeking Self-Realization or for those who have already seen their True Self and wanting to further deepen this into their current avatar experience and life.

Having done deep research for many years into the true nature of the relative realm as well, Jakob offers  insights into how to make use of certain tools to maximize the utilization of our current avatar embodiment for a life filled with Freedom, abundance, joy and creativity on all levels.

Jakob have been practicing and teaching holistic architecture and natural building in different parts of the world.

Although the architectural practice have taken a backseat and the spiritual guidence have become the main focus, Jakobs love for architecture remain.


Jakob in conversation with David Bingham

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Nature is visible Spirit

Spirit is invisible Nature

Friedrich Schelling

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